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Five Pocket Friendly Ways to Have Fun in the City of Lagos.



Having loads of fun in Lagos does not have to be a pocket-draining experience. Yes, there are places that would cost you a fortune to access; but you can have fun in the city of Lagos without parting with an arm or leg.

 1.       Go to Silverbird Galleria!

Silverbird Galleria (commonly known as “The Galleria”) is one of the most popular fun spots in Lagos. The Galleria boasts of world class entertainment, shopping and relaxation centre; although the services and items sold in many of the establishments at the Galleria are pretty expensive, you can simply have fun by window shopping! Lots of people come to the Galleria to window shop and daydream about having enough money to purchase some of the items on display. There is no crime in window shopping as long as none of the items get stuck to your fingers when you leave the place.

2.       Go Salsa Dancing

There are so many salsa clubs in Lagos! A lot of the salsa clubs in the city are very affordable to join. If you can dance salsa, you may only need to pay the club’s admission fee. However, if you want to learn the art of salsa dance, you will need to pay for the classes – the price per class is about 1,000 Naira ($7). If you are a fast learner, you will have the steps down after 3 or 4 classes. Salsa in Lagos is one fun way to get some exercise and to meet cool people.

3.       Go to a Local Pub

The local drinking spots are a great way to meet other people and share a couple of laughs with them. There are so many local pubs scattered across the city, but it is in your best interest to choose the one where the patrons do not look like criminals – you want to engage in conversations with people who have the smarts and not people who are thinking how much they would get if they steal your wrist watch. You can purchase a bottle of beer for 300 naira ($2.5) and spend time chatting with other patrons about politics, soccer, the state of the country etc.

4.       Go to a Church Concert

This is one of the cheapest ways to have fun in Lagos without parting with a single kobo! Churches in Lagos are always hosting concerts that feature local and or international gospel artistes. Church concerts are a big deal especially around the holidays when many Nigerians feel a strong urge to be closer to God.

5.       Watch an Interesting Movie with Friends

Watching an interesting movie with close friends is one of the best and most pocket-friendly ways to have fun in Lagos. Before you pick the movie, it is important that you ensure that your generator has adequate fuel in case there is an interruption in power supply.


As you can see, you do not have to shell out loads of cash to have fun in Lagos.