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Facial Aesthetics Northern Ireland traction threads: how they are applied and what effects they entail





The passage of time involves a series of more or less visible changes in the face and body, including relaxation and sagging of the Facial Aesthetics in Northern Ireland, is one of the anomalies that most alter the profile and conformation of the face and body, resulting in physical and psychological discomfort.

In the past, the technical facelift and facial rejuvenation were quite complicated, invasive and sometimes behaved relatively long recovery time. Currently, cosmetic medicine is able to offer treatments safe , rapid and minimally invasive , allowing you to quickly find a pleasant face , toned and youthful .

The Traction Wires represent one of the technologies of surgery and aesthetic medicine, which offer a valid alternative to traditional surgical lifting techniques, with many advantages including a lower cost and the absence of complex anesthesia and post-operative course.

In reality, the traction wires in Belfast    have been used for several years, but the material of which they are made has been completely changed over time, as well as the type of needles used to carry out the treatment.

When to use traction wires

To carry out a treatment with the Traction Wires, the doctor first of all carries out a complete visit, to check the patient’s health and to evaluate the possibility of undergoing the treatment. At the end of the visit, he proceeds to mark the areas on which to intervene, in relation to the patient’s appearance and expectations.

The operation is quick and painless, it only sometimes requires a light local anesthesia and consists in inserting very thin needles under the skin in which there is a thread in hypoallergenic and totally biocompatible material. The needles are subsequently removed while the thread remains inside the fabric, with the intent to originate an effect of a surgical lifting , but not only: the presence of the threads, composed of a bio-absorbable material, stimulates the natural production of collagen and involves a general rejuvenation of the skin and an increase in tone and elasticity . The suspension wires they must not be removed but are absorbed by the body over a period of approximately eight months .

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The quantity of inserted wires varies according to the area to be treated and the result to be obtained. The parts of the face most suitable for this type of treatment, in addition to defining the entire contour, are the jaw, cheeks, cheekbones, eyebrows and neck . Although the best areas of application are the face and neck, the threads are also used to correct the skin laxity of the arms, inner thigh and buttocks, that is, those parts of the body most subject to skin relaxation processes.

Suspension wires: safe and non-invasive

The advantages of the traction wires are the reduced invasiveness and the speed of recovery .

After the treatment, in fact, the patient immediately obtains a visible effect and can resume his habits within a few hours. The only trace is that of a slight redness, which however disappears in a very short time, without causing any problems or limiting normal activities. In the worst case, there may be small bruises that disappear on their own in a few days.

Since this is not an actual surgery, it is not necessary to observe any period of hospitalization or undergo specific medications and visits.

The threads inserted under the skin can have various conformations: from those of bio stimulation which, thanks to the material of which they are formed, stimulate the regeneration of the tissues and the natural increase in volumes, to those of traction equipped with microscopic hooks that adhere internally to the skin and allow to apply a traction that has a lifting effect on the tissues of both the face and the body causes a harmonious remodeling of the parts subjected to this treatment. Finally, there are suspension wires shaped to adhere to the internal part of the skin and make tractions almost comparable to those of a surgical intervention.

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The threads are totally biocompatible and are reabsorbed over time. The main reasons for the insertion of the traction wires are the loss of definition and the relaxation of the lower part of the face, the contour of the jaw, the area located between the nose and lips, the neck and the area around the eyes, cheekbones and cheeks: it is a suitable technique to redefine the entire line of the face , balancing the volumes.

Facial Aesthetics Northern Ireland body traction wires

Currently, medical aesthetic clinic in Belfast treatment with suspension threads is also used to adequately redefine some parts of the body subject to relaxation , including the buttocks , the inside of the thighs , the abdomen and the arms . For the body it is an optimal technique for situations of not excessive failure, when a surgical lifting is not necessary.

Also in this case it is a quick and painless treatment and allows you to reach the result within a short time, immediately resuming your habits. After treatment, the patient usually does not experience pain, only sometimes a slight sense of discomfort that quickly disappears. However, the doctor of the James Belfast aesthetics clinic issues a series of instructions to be followed to avoid any type of problem and to help quickly resolve the phenomena of mild irritation or small hematomas that could form.

The effect of the traction wires is of variable duration depending on the patient but not less than about 12 months , to prolong the effect the doctor of the james Aesthetic Clinic will provide all the suggestions and propose all the most advanced solutions available.

This type of treatment generally does not entail any contraindications, with the exception of situations of acute infections in progress, of acneic or herpetic forms in the active and particularly aggressive phase and of dermatological pathologies or skin manifestations of different kinds. During the preliminary visit carried out by the aesthetic doctor, it is appropriate to report any allergy problems and chronic or recurrent pathology of the skin and organism, as well as coagulation problems and any pharmacological therapies in progress, so that the doctor can evaluate how proceed safely with the treatment.

How much the traction wires cost

The bio stimulation, traction and suspension wires allow different uses and, depending on the part of the body where they are inserted and the result to be obtained, the technique, the type of wires and the number of these that will be needed will change. The number of threads depends on the surface to be treated and on the degree of laxity of the same. Then change the material, the thickness, the length, the type of anchorage, the duration and clearly also the price. The cost of the session must always be added to the cost of the material.

The quality of the threads used and the possibility of combining this treatment with other methods (cosmetic fillers near me, radio frequency) affect the final price of the treatment.

To book a cognitive and non-binding visit with the doctors of the An-Aesthetics Clinic and to have clarifications regarding the treatment, the results tailored for you and the costs fill out the request directly online or call the studio in Northern Ireland.