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Entrepreneurial Innovation: The Antidote to Nigeria’s Unemployment

Valentine Chinyem



An American technology guru, Jim McKelvey pointed out the need for Entrepreneurial Innovation in Nigeria, stated that in order for Nigeria to fight her unemployment menace, her entrepreneurs must make effort to align with innovative technologies that will take the economy into the digital era. This is because there is no segregation between an enterprise’s success and innovative technology.

He made this statement during the presentation of a paper titled “The Shark Instinct: How Entrepreneurs Smell Opportunities” at the recent TECH Conference and Exhibitions in Lagos State. During the presentation, Jim charged Nigerian entrepreneurs to commit to deploying innovative technologies in reaching greater heights in their businesses.

The renowned technological innovator, said that entrepreneurs are saddled with and should be positioned towards moving in line with current technological trends and insulate themselves against the problems connected with overlooking the essence of technology in generating business growth.

He said, “As you find opportunity, use it to solve problems. As you think about technology, think about the problems and the many things you can solve with technology”.

While cautioning entrepreneurs against imitation of business models that are in existence, he said, “You don’t have to start everything by yourself; there are others who have done such things before, so learn from them. Figure out yourself what they have done, but be cautious not seek to copy everything they did. The reason is that there are factors that enabled them to succeed some of which may not be available to you. No leader is going to be able to tell you how absolutely everything works.”