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El-Rufai’s attack on Tinubu is signal Southwest won’t get presidency in 2023 – Shehu Sani

Valentine Chinyem



Senator representing Kaduna Central, Comrade Shehu Sani in this interview with ABDULGANIYU ALABI said Nigeria remains as country today because of the Southwest and failure to compensate the region might lead to the end of Nigeria.

He said the dominance of the North in governance and politics, and the long years of ruling the country does not translate to solving myriads of challenges ravaging the region.

What do you make of Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s comment on how to unhorse Bola Ahmed Tinubu as godfather of Lagos politics?

The attack on Tinubu is for three reasons. One is to provoke the Asiwaju to a new phase of internal war within the APC, which will eliminate him from the sphere of President Muhammadu Buhari and turn him into an adversary.

The second reason for the act of provocation against Asiwaju is that there is a calculated plot to deny the Southwest or even the Southern part of the country rotation of power in 2023. And the best way to ensure that that materialize is, by getting into fisticuffs, into political combat between the Northern top ranks of the APC and the Southwestern top ranks of the party.

There is a school of thought in the North among the ruling political elites that are close to President, that even without the votes of the Southwest, that the North can still produce the president in 2023. And as such, the attack on Tinubu is a trigger to begin realization of that.

And the third reason for the attack on Tinubu is simply to send a message that they are prepared to fight anybody for this 2023 and for his own personal ambition.

Let me tell you this, when I was denied the senatorial ticket in APC, before I left the party, I told the Asiwaju and Adams Oshiomhole that el-Rufai wants Shehu Sani or Sulieman Hunkuyi and all the forces against him in APC in kaduna to be out of the party.

So, that will create a base and platform for him to be able to concentrate in launching his attacks outside of Kaduna. I told Asiwaju and Oshiomhole that el-Rufai would fight three people when he gets re elected. He will fight Asiwju, Adams Oshiomhole and Buhari; and now by being elected, he has got what he wants.

The time he will go after Buhari that will be when he is clear he doesn’t have a case in court again. When he is out of the litigation challenging his election, then that will be the time he is going to go after the three of them.

He is not known to be a person with permanent loyalty. His attachment to Buhari is for political survival and Self-preservation. It is about protecting himself. It is about consolidating himself because he has come to understand Buhari’s popularity, his footprint and Buhari’s inroads into the hearts of the Northern masses.