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Dubai Crown Prince pays hospital bills of Nigerian mother stranded with quadruplets

Valentine Chinyem



Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has paid the hospital bill of a Nigerian couple and their quadruplets, who have been stranded in the city with mounting medical bills.

This was made known by the hospital, Latifa Hospital for Women and Children.

The couple Suliyat Abdulkareem and Tijani Abdulkareem had four babies, two boys, and two girls on July 1.

The babies were born prematurely at nearly 31 weeks through an emergency C-section and placed on ventilators at the neonatal intensive care unit, the hospital said in a statement.

However, the family had no medical insurance and racked up more than AED 400,000 (about $108,000) in medical expenses since the quadruplets were born, their father Tijani Abdulkareem told CNN.

The Nigerian community and other nationals in Dubai rallied around them to help raise AED 42,000 (around $11,500) to pay part of the bills.

It was the Crown Prince however, who stepped in to pay the bills after he came across the initial report by CNN, highlighting the family’s story.

He was moved by their plight and informed his office to assist the family.

Abdulkareem, during an interview with CNN, said he was shocked by the ruler’s generosity, and that they have decided to name two of their babies after him, adding that, one of the girls will also be called Latifa after the hospital.

“It’s just a huge favor, and we are still in shock because we didn’t even know how to get the money. I had been sleepless wondering how to pay the bill,” Abdulkareem said.

Abdulkareem, a chef at a restaurant in Dubai, said he was disturbed when he discovered his wife was going to have quadruplets.

The babies, have since been takrn off ventilators and two of them now weigh 1.8 kilograms.

Meanwhile, doctors have assured they will soon be strong enough to go home.