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We are introducing to you the News Of Nigeria Mobile App. Please Download News Of Nigeria Andriod Mobile App , from the Google Play Store.

This App has amazing features you will find useful; Beautiful Material Design, Bookmarking, Easiest to use Navigation, Auto news alerts, Offline reading, Android 6.0 compatible, One click social sharing, Interactive Videos.

News Of Nigeria Andriod Mobile App sends the news from News Of Nigeria directly to your phone, it allows you to  save and read the news offline, saving you some credit and broadband data. This app is also free.

Click here to Download the App from Google App Store. Please let us know what you think about the App in the review on the App Store. Also share this App with your friends and contacts.

# Full Material Design
# Bookmarking
# Easiest to use Navigation
# Auto news alerts
# Offline reading
# Android 6.0 compatible
# One click social sharing
# Interactive Videos

Download the App here