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Defence Academy to Probe Cadets who Assaulted a Civilian for Complimenting her Beauty



The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) has released a statement, saying it will probe the cadets in a video showing them assaulting two civilians.

The video which went viral on social media, the NDA leadership said it had commenced investigation into the incident.

“The attention of The Nigerian Defence Academy has been drawn to a trending video showing cadets beating some persons,” the NDA said in a statement issued on Thursday.

“Please note that NDA is investigating the incident. Preliminary investigation has confirmed the incident to have occurred in 2014 somewhere in Lagos while the cadets were on break.

“NDA as a responsible institution saddled with task of producing future military leaders will not in anyway tolerate such unruly and flagrant mistreatment of Nigerians.

“The NDA under current leadership has addressed most disciplinary loopholes. Further investigation is continuing.”

In the video, which showed two civilians being tortured by young officers, attention was focused on a man who was beaten by a female cadet.

The officer meted the punishment on him for saying she was beautiful.

“Am I beautiful? How beautiful am I? Bastard!” she yelled as she repeatedly slapped the civilian.

“Idiot! Describe me, am I not like Beyonce? He said I’m beautiful, am I Angelina Jolie.” And when the civilian refrained from responding, she delivered heavier slaps to his face, saying:

“This bastard is not responding. “Are you a bastard? You have emotions. See this idiot. AM I beautiful? What is beautiful about me?”