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Buhari’s government the most sincere Nigeria has ever had – Minister of Health

Valentine Chinyem



The minister of health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire, has said the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is the most sincere and serious government the country has ever had.

The minister said this while speaking during a programme on Channels Television on Friday.

He said the president will fulfill his promises to the striking health workers.

While urging the resident doctors to end their strike, the minister said, “We have made it clear to them that this government is the most sincere and serious government this country has ever had. His word is his bond,” Ehanire said.

“This government has a record of being sympathetic to people, of meeting its obligations and keeping to its promises.

“This government does things differently. This is a government that says its word and keeps to its words. We would not do anything to hurt you. We work in your interest.

“We are going through a very difficult time with other countries and this is quite clearly not the time to add more to our problems by deciding to go on strike.

“I am worried that we are probably the first and only country where doctors have decided to go on strike.”