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“Buhari Is APC Leader, Not Tinubu” – Okorocha



Imo state Governor, Rochas Okorocha has corrected the notion that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the APC Leader and dictator stating that President Muhammadu Buhari is de facto leader of the party.

Okorocha made this known during a parley with newsmen in Owerri on Tuesday; he said the APC cannot have two leaders in a party.

The governor, who is also Chairman of APC Governors’ Forum, said it was high time people stopped having the wrong impression that leadership of the party resides outside the presidency. “It is not true; the president is in charge of the party.”

According to him, “as soon as a president emerges, he becomes leader of the party, just as the governors are leaders of the party in the states, the president is leader of the party in the nation, we cannot have two leaders; we must correct such impression,” he stated.

He also debunked as untrue the rumour that the president collected $2.2 billion dollar loan for the rehabilitation of North East states ravaged by Boko Haram menace. “We never discussed the issue of loan, even the World Bank offer which was given to us was 20 years without payment.”

Okorocha said the American President, Barak Obama, had described President Muhammadu Buhari as a man of honour and integrity and expressed the willingness of American government to partner with Nigeria in the fight against insurgency in the country.

He said that same sex marriage discussion never came up in the United States, adding that it was mentioned in passing as it was alien to the culture of Nigeria. “We have a law that recognises marriage as a union between a man and a woman, our legal system has taken care of that.”

Describing the president’s trip as one of the best outings any Nigerian government will make to the US, Okorocha said the visit offered President Buhari an opportunity to meet with different groups such as Bill Gate, the Madeline Albright group, the NPI, etc.

On the issues of strike embarked on by workers in the state, the governor expressed dissatisfaction with the workers; adding that before his trip to USA, he reached an agreement with workers in Imo State and wondered why they should renege on such agreement.

The governor, who described the strike as politically motivated, urged the workers to resume work without delay.

The governor also restated the need for parastatals to be independent and more productive to generate income to the state as government is not willing to subvent them again.