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Bank Robbery: Robbers Wreck Havoc in Agbara, a Suburb of Lagos



Agbara, a suburb of Lagos, which plays host to many industries and companies, including Nestlé Foods Nigeria, Beta Malt, Evans, Glaxco Smithklyne and many more, was thrown into pandemonium in the early hours of yesterday, when robbers stormed the bank road in that area.

Bank road, like it is known has about seven banks, with only one entrance in and out of the area.

Eye witnesses who gave account of how the robbery took place said:

“Around 9am, as everyone was going about his business, they just started shooting sporadically,” an eye witness told Femi Owolabi, a freelance journalist.

“They came in through the Agbara Bus-Stop, through the Nestlé Road and down to the Bank Road inside the Industrial Estate where we have about ten banks,” he added.


“They shot and killed all the mobile policemen on that Road, and the ones on guard at the Zenith Bank where they eventually broke into,” another eyewitness recounted.

“The used something like IED on the bank’s strong-room to get access to the money,” he added.

“They also attempted to break into GTB, but at a point, they withdrew,” the eyewitness explained.

The police Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) stationed at the entrance of the road, was overpowered as the policemen who had managed to fire just a few bullets, retreated and took to their heels. Men at the Nestlé security post were also hit.

“More than five people inside the bank were hit by bullets,” a cab driver, who took a customer to the bank said.

A pregnant woman whose identity we couldn’t get at the time of posting this, was shot in the in the leg.

“Some people rushed her to the hospital, but we don’t really know which hospital,” a woman who had come to sympathize with the victims at the scene said.

“The nearest hospital, however, is Rophe Hospital or Rock of Ages, but you know these are private hospitals and they may not want to admit bullet-wound patients, so the other place they could possibly take her to is the Badagry General Hospital. Although, we saw some victims being rushed to these private hospitals.”


The police had come to pick the bodies of their men, while the bodies of the civilians, mostly customers who were inside the bank for transaction when the incident happened, were yet to be attended to few minutes after the robbery.

The robbery operation lasted thirty minutes, and the robbers escaped through Alase, a community in Agbara. It was gathered that the gunmen carted away money in boxes from the Zenith Bank.