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Bandits kill kidnapped Lebanese expatriate in Niger state

Valentine Chinyem



The Lebanese construction worker kidnapped at Yakila, Abdulsalem Algusani, has been killed by gunmen.

His body was dumped close to a stream.

The deceased was engaged in the repair work on the Minna-Zungeru-Tegina road when gunmen abducted him on Monday alongside his driver, who was said to have escaped from captivity.

There was a blood trail where the corpse was found close to a stream.

Niger Governor Abubakar Sani-Bello said that he would do his best to ensure perpetrators are brought to book.

He expressed pain over the death, injury and abduction of workers, including the deceased foreigner adding that the victims have done nothing to warrant such misfortune.

He said: “It is more grieving, when workers, who are dutifully carrying out their legitimate duty of maintaining roads have to suffer this fatality.

“We are at work presently and fast-tracking other measures, which we cannot disclose, for now, to check the dubious activities of these criminals portraying the state in a bad light both at home and internationally.

“Our condolences are with the Lebanese Embassy in Nigeria, the Nigerian Army and FERMA over the loss, especially to the families of the deceased who have lost their breadwinners. Our resolve is that these heroes will not die in vain.

“It is more worrisome that most of the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are young people, who are supposed to be leaders of tomorrow.”