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Baby Thermals And Fleeces: Dressing Up Babies In Winters

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Winters can be very daunting for the parents of newborns and infants. Taking the baby outdoors in chilling weather can be the reason for major concerns as babies can easily catch flu. Although staying indoors is a great idea for saving all the extra effort but would you really let weather come in between your baby and their outdoor time? Here is how you must dress your babies in winters to keep them safe and warm throughout the cold months:

The Appropriate Inners

Bulky sweaters would do no good unless there are baby thermals at the base layer of your baby’s clothing.  It will ensure that your little one is neither too warm nor too cold. Use long johns as well as long sleeve onesie as the thermal underwear. It will keep the body heat regulated without irritating the skin.

Layering It Up

Be it a full-grown man or toddler; one must always layer themselves up in winters to trap the maximum amount of air. Dress your child in sweater and fleece pants at the top of the thermal wear when it gets too cold. While men are usually fine with just wearing mens thermal wear, babies would obviously need extra care. If you want to cover him in a snowsuit, go for the one-piece garment as the bulky snowsuits hinder the movements of the baby.

The Right Accessories

Making your kids wear the right winter clothes isn’t sufficient. The cold air can lower the body temperature if your baby’s ears, feet, and hands are exposed outdoors. Here’s what you can do about it:

·         Use hats for covering their ears. You can even go for monkey caps to make them look cuter. Don’t forget to make them wear neck warmers, mufflers as well as mittens when the temperature dips very low.

·         If you are planning on spending a lot of time away from home, make sure you carry a bunting bag outdoors. It serves as a great help for keeping the baby warm on cold weather, and if you are going out on milder days, you don’t need to dress them up in layer after layer. Just tucking them in the bunting bag would be enough.

·         Don’t make the mistake of ditching woolen socks and gloves for your baby. Make sure there is no passage for the cool wind to penetrate your baby’s body. Wearing wool socks and gloves would ensure they don’t get cold and freezing when the temperature falls.

So now that you know the ways of dressing up your baby before heading outdoors, you are good to go. Fostering connections between your baby and the outside world is very important. The baby gets to enjoy and live the bonds they build with Mother Nature. So, don’t let the weather decide what you are going to do for your baby. Take charge, dress up your little one appropriately and have fun!