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Asos Introduced MyGiftArena Vouchers to Make Gift Giving Easier



Gift givers will from now have less difficulty in choosing and purchasing gifts for their loved ones especially during this Christmas season as Asos Technologies Limited introduced MyGiftArena vouchers. With this latest introduction, people will not encounter any problem when they want to choose suitable gifts for their loved ones.

According to the product manager of the company who spoke during the launch of MyGiftArena, the new product will make it possible for gift givers to have access to a wide selection of vendors of the company. In this way, they will be able to choose gifts that appeal to them. As he explained, with the newly introduced gift vouchers, their customers will be able get what they want. As he said, Asos vendors would make sure there is always something for people to purchase regardless of their age, interest, hobbies and interest.

As it is said, the newly introduced MyGiftArena Vouchers are perfect solutions to the challenges facing gift givers especially during the Yuletide season. Owing to the fact that the target markets include the consumers and vendors, the new platform offers both opened and closed looped gift vouchers.

Tolulope explained that the closed looped vouchers could only be utilized at stipulated vendor store while the opened looped vouchers are accepted in any of their vendor stores.

The process flow of the gift vouchers as explained by Tolulope is very simple and features technology and security which is in accordance with the best international practices. Any of the vouchers according to him can be purchased online. However, they can be made available to their buyers via MyGiftArena delivery team, email and SMS.

The vouchers have different values ranging from N1,000  to N500,000 and they can be used for the purchase of gift either online or offline in the company’s vendor’s stores.

James Etim who spoke on the benefits of MyGiftArena vouchers said that it could be used by organisations for a number of purposes which include long service awards, staff rewards and bonuses, customer loyalty promotions, employee benefits and incentives and acquire new customers and celebrations.