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Angry South African Fans Asks “AKA” to Relocate to Nigeria



South African artist, AKA, whose real name is Kiernan Jordan Forbes, may have stepped on the toes of his fans back home, after he declared that he is ashamed of his South African passport, stating that he is more respected in Nigeria than in South Africa.

His statements however, did not go down well with South Africans, who have asked the rapper to relocate to the West African country, since he is more welcome there than in his homeland.

The artiste who was in Nigeria for the All Star edition of a club musical event, also accused the South African media of not giving his tour enough coverage.

AKA revealed that the media was only interested in reporting his negative actions.

“I feel more respected and welcomed in Nigeria than I do in South Africa and that’s the sad truth. It will never be enough. I am representing my country in Africa and to the world and what do I get? Disrespect, backlash and negativity,” he said.

But some fans have accused him of being arrogant, saying that is why he is not liked in South Africa.