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6 Delicious Christmas Gift You Can Make From Candy

Christmas is incomplete without a sweet gift. chocolate candy that looks beautiful, tastes delicious and is best for gift giving.



Christmas seems impossible without a sweet gift. Kids get lots of gifts from neighborhood, elders and family members. The gifts are fully loaded with lots of candies and other sweet treats. Making a goodie bag at home is not a hard task. If you want to surprise your kids with special treat bags handmade, you have come to the right place. We have made some examples of Christmas gifts you can make from candy yourself at home. This will excite your kids to get the gifts. It’s my humble request to follow the ideas. You are free to flow your creative juices in this Christmas candy treats.

1. Santa Kisses :

Hershey’s Santa hat kisses are exclusively designed to celebrate the Santa festival. Individual candy is wrapped in silver foil with a red hat on top. You can add more fun in gifting tradition by making some treat bags for it. For this, you need to treat bags with windows, glitter tape, ribbon and hole punch. You can create a little surprise for kids by doing some crafts on the box. First of all, make a hole on the top side of the box. Then fix the glitter tape on the bottom side of the box. Now fill the box with Hershey’s hat kisses. Now pass on a thread throughout the holes made on the upper side of the box. Now tie a bow and printable tag with that thread. A classic Santa kisses bag is ready for enjoying the gift-giving ceremony.

 2. M&M Reindeer :

It’s a pretty good craft kid who would love to take part happily. This takes a few of your minutes to make this craft possible. You need M & M’s candy box filled with colorful candies, hot glue gun, googly eyes, and pipe cleaner tubes and red mini pom-poms. Now create a little reindeer face on M and M’s candy using these things. Use pipe cleaners to make horns of reindeer. Now come to the upper part and stick googly eyes. Make nose impression using red pom. M & M reindeer is ready to cheer up the Christmas time.

 3. Peppermint Bark Candy Cane Hearts :

If you want to create something romantic for a special one, you can use this trick. This needs some patients and some baking and crafty skills. You need dark and white milk chocolates, lots of candy sticks and butter paper. First of all, soften the candy sticks for around 20 seconds in the microwave. Now slowly put them out on butter paper and use mold them to a heart shape. Make it fast before it gets cold. Now microwave the dark and white chocolate into a different bowl. Crush some candies. Now drop the melted dark chocolate into heart-shaped candy canes and then garnish with crushed candies. Follow the same trick with white chocolate. Your creative little hearts candies are ready to melt the hearts of a loved one.

4. Christmas Candy Buffet :

All you need is lots of candies at Christmas time. Use all types of colorful gems and candy canes, colorful jello shots, sugar candies, lollipops, fruit candies to make a colorful Christmas buffet for a host. Also, put some goodies bags beside this candy buffet. Now kids have to come to drop all their favorite candies in the treat bag for taking away. Kids would love to steal the deal. kids will surely leave your doors with a smile on faces.

 5. Christmas Loot Bags :

You can make Christmas loot bags at home and give it to every host and hostesses invited for the party. Buy some decorative Christmas gift bags from the supermarket. Now add in candies. Now tie a bow on the closed part with silk ribbon. Make such types of loot bags in huge amounts. You can also fill their favorite candies and tie a name tag on it. It says the gift bag is specially customized for them.

 6. Candy Gift Baskets :

If you are looking for the premium gift you can put emphasis on candy gift baskets. You can buy some wooden or square gift baskets. Now add some M & M’ candy boxes, Santa kisses boxes, some candy bars, some gems boxes in order. Now cover this candy basket with a plastic bag and then tie a silk ribbon on the top. Alluring Christmas gift basket delivery is ready for taking away.


For Christmas, you need to have lots of candies at one time. Don’t take panic; buy christmas chocolate online in bulk in good rates from us. Candies are in huge demand during the occasional period mostly in the Christmas festival. Colorful candies just not boost the mood but also excite kids to enjoy the holidays to the fullest. So here are some examples of how to make treats using different types of candies. Hopefully, we succeed in creating a joy factor in your kid’s life.