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3 Proven Instagram Social Media Marketing Tips that Work

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Instagram is a visual platform that businesses use for social media marketing to take their company to the next level. Data shows that the platform has more than 800 million users monthly, 60 million images posted daily, and another 1.6 billion likes attained for posts. Instagram also has a massive number of influencers together with a huge fan following. Therefore, if you know the ins-and-outs of social media marketing and Instagram, you too can become an influential brand. Then, how do you know which posts perform, and which not to increase your audience base?

According to an article published on, you need to spend some time and serious effort to make your brand’s presence felt. It is all about post likes, commenting, content sharing, and following influencers. Then, your Instagram posts should be of the best quality to drive user engagement.

You can try using automation tools to make your job a tad easy. There are many such tools to help you find and communicate with your prospective followers. These automation tools target genuine users using numerous filters that you can personalize to suit your business strategy. As far as automation is concerned, it makes your job simple and lightens your workload. You can use your time and focus on business growth and expansion. Here are three proven Instagram tips that work for your brand:

1. Post product teasers to spur sales

Did you know that you could boost sales with product teasers on Instagram? The photo-sharing site is the best platform to promote your merchandise. All you need to do is play your cards like a pro. Make sure that you do not annoy your prospects with hard selling or aggressive advertisement.

Avoid being too pushy when marketing your products or services. As far as a product teaser is concerned, it is a matter-of-fact way to talk about your merchandise and increasing engagement without imposing your products on your potential buyers.

A few successful brands use product teasers smartly. For example, if you are selling shoes, offer a free mobile app to help buyers to shop your merchandise right from the app. It is not direct selling. Again, you can offer 10 percent discount to customers shopping directly from the app. Implement this strategy and you will benefit. Yes, your posts will gain likes and comments that matter when it comes to social media marketing.

These teaser ads work because they are not an imposition on the customers. These ads use discounts, app downloads, and product visuals to pique audience interest. These teasers attract consumers to download the mobile app or avail the discount to shop around.

Starbucks, on the contrary, teases its coffee lovers with high-definition photos of seasonal drinks. Even if shoppers do not buy your products for the first time, they will like, share, and comment on your Instagram posts provided you use stellar content. Promote your merchandise but do it subtly. Eventually, you will gain Instagram followers who would turn into your loyal customers.

2. Make the most of free Instagram tools

When it comes to business pages on Instagram, there is no such marked difference with the pages on your Facebook profile. You can make the most of insights such as engagement data, impressions, and things like that. Did you know you can even get a breakdown of your followers’ demographics like gender, age, most active hours, location, income, likes, and dislikes?

Insights do not mean generic information. On the contrary, you get specific details for a particular week. These include your best posts and the number of impressions in that week.

As far these free Instagram tools are concerned, they are invaluable because you can leverage these to figure out how your Instagram users are interacting with your visual content, including photos and videos.

The more you study these tools and implement them; the more you will learn how users interact with your content on Instagram. This way, you can tweak your content and posts to drive more engagement than ever. However, you need to take some time out of your busy schedule to understand the dynamics of these tools. For example, posts that drive better engagement are the product teasers as discussed in the point above.

3. Use paid ads

Instagram is widely used on the photo-sharing site. Did you know about the best part of it? Well, you can control how much you want to spend on a sponsored Instagram advertisement. How? Well, all you need to do is define a budget for the ad campaign.

Depending on your business requirements, you can post a single ad or multiple ones such as carousels. It will help your brand to target your customers in a unique way. When it comes to sponsored paid ads, only those who follow your Instagram profile would see your product updates and visuals. It means that you are targeting an audience who is genuinely interested in your brand and its merchandise.

Then, businesses can promote their images to anyone that come within the purview of their targeted customers. This way, they can enhance their reach more than ever.

When using ads, focus on engaging content and at the same time pique your audience interest with sponsored adverts. You can even change your current posts into sponsored ads later. Therefore, keep track of your top ads. You can promote the best-performing ads later to prospective buyers in the form of paid ads.

Make sure that you use numerous posts for different customer base at the same time for increased engagement. The different types of paid ads are images, videos, stories canvas, carousel or dynamic ads, and Instagram stories. However, stories, whether paid or otherwise are not ideal to build rapport with your followers.

If you are new to paid ads, research to learn more about them. You will need to spend some time and effort to build engagement on Instagram through sponsored ads.


Now that you have these tips handy, use them to build Instagram engagement for your business. You’ll be surprised by the results.