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Boko Haram

105 Soldiers Killed Not Missing – Nyesom Wike Confronts the Presidency



Rivers State Governor, Mr. Nyesom Wike has refuted claims by the military and the Presidency, that the over one hundred soldiers who went missing after sporadic gun battle with Boko Haram Insurgents on Thursday, had returned, saying an inside source had confirmed the combatants dead and not just missing.

The governor, who also urged President Muhammadu Buhari to take responsibility, said Nigerians are tired of half-truth and diplomatic statements of curbing insurgency.

He described as an act of wickedness and lack of human feeling, the political dressings given the insurgents since the assumption of office of the All Progressive Congress (APC) at the national level.

Mr. Wike lamented that the APC led government appeared more interested in witch hunting oppositions and demoralising the country’s unity and tranquility, than fighting the insurgency, the promise on which the party rode to power.

In his words: “It is an aberration and a total deviation from the expected changes the APC led administration had promised Nigerians, reading 105 soldiers were missing while they were even dead under APC watch.

“No average Nigerian who listened and watched the APC rallies across the country during the electioneering campaign where promises of ending the insurgency within a short period of time if elected were made, that will believe Nigerian Army could be this molested and defeated with APC providing shield instead of telling Nigerians the basic truth,” Wike lamented.

He admonished the presidency to tell Nigerians the present situation with the “105 missing soldiers” which insider had confirmed dead.

“It will be of great relief to the presidency if Nigerians can always be fed with facts and not doctored media reports aimed at pleasing the masses.

“As much as we anticipate peace and security of lives and properties, telling Nigerians you are winning battle against Boko Haram when the insurgency consumes our able security operatives on daily basis, is as dangerous as voting an unrealistic change,” Gov. Wike said.