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Top Ten Online Payment Platforms in Nigeria.



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Since the banks recapitalization in Nigeria, online payment platform has grown geometrically year after year as most banks have recognized the need to boost their e-banking channels in the face of competition. While Nigerian banks are scrambling to have their fair share of the market, they are joined in the online payment processing market by other online processing outfits. The advantage of this is that competition has improved drastically in the industry. However, ASNE in a bid to establish the top ten online payment processing platform in Nigeria, information was sourced from Nigerian Payment Processors and Aggregators and from our findings, the top ten online payment platforms in Nigeria is highlighted below:

  1. Argonpay

Argonpay as an online payment platform (aggregator) that affords Nigerians the opportunity of accepting payment via the use of MasterCard and Visa. Its features are affordable electronic transfers, exchange of currency, transfer of payments, receipt of payments and transfer of funds to any bank via e-wallet. Its website is

  1. FirstPayLink

This platform is controlled by First bank Plc, as such, its operation requires that the customer has an account with the parent bank (First Bank). FirstPayLink’s payment encourages both local and international transactions and it does not come with integration plugin like GTPay, Globalpay and so on. It however possesses an integration document which the customer can use for the integration of their website. Its features are flexibility in navigation of payment options, notification of customers with reference number via email address of customers and its benefits include acceptable secure mode, real-time transaction information access and provision of useful report for budgeting and planning. Website:

  1. Cashenvoy

Cashenvoy is owned by Electronic Settlement Limited. It began operations as nigeria’s first web payment aggregator in 2009. The company is the only Nigerian online payment processor that Shopify accepts. Its website is

  1. 2Checkout

2Checkout is a United States based online payment processing platform that offer eight payment methods which comprises Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diner club, debit cards, PIN debit cards, Paypal and American Express. Under this platform, payment is received in currency that is set as default currency on the website of the merchant. The company’s website is

  1. Simplepay

This is an indigenous outfit located in Abuja, Nigeria. It relies on Zenith bank’s Globalpay in allowing their customers to make online payments. Simplepay is set up in a way that prevents fraud and it has a compact system that monitors transaction flows. Merchants who use the Simplepay medium get their account credited in less than twenty four hours and even, pro services merchant users get their fund instantly. One good feature of this platform is the flexibility it offers customers in the selection of bank to be used as payment receipt. For more information about Simplepay, visit

  1. Voguepay

Voguepay’s uniqueness is that it gives room for customers to accept payment on the websites they own, that is, under Voguepay, automatic withdrawal to the merchant’s bank account is supported whereas under other payment aggregators, merchants manually make withdrawal request. The major distinguishing feature of this payment system is that it has a developed plugin that merchants can easily download and install to their websites. Its website is

  1. Webpay

This is an online payment system developed by InterSwitch to enable payment via debit cards issued by banks that are affiliated to InterSwitch in Nigeria by acting as a link between banks and merchants. Under this platform, customer’s card information are extracted and saved online by Webpay in a bid to purchase on the merchant’s site. This platform has a direct integration into the websites of customers, as such, funds are transferred into their accounts. Since all Nigerian banks in one way or the other affiliated to InterSwitch, Webpay is the easiest to operate in Nigeria. Webpay’s website is

  1. Globalpay

Globalpay is a payment processing platform developed by Zenith bank Nigeria Plc. It is specifically designed to meet the online payment processing needs of high networth customers and top notch professionals. Globalpay supports both local and international cards but has a monthly access fee of NGN 5,0000 , set up fee of NGN 150,000 and charges of $50 per foreign settlement.

  1. UCollect

The United Bank for Africa’s online payment processing platform supports local and international card with zero set up fee and also support Euro, Dollar, Naira and Pound denomination. A unique feature of this platform is that a customer and operate a Naira account and a dollar domiciliary account and order the bank to make international payment settlements with the naira account. Ucollect’s website is

  1. GTPay

Nigeria’s number one online payment platform is a product of her frontline bank, Guaranty Trust bank. The platform works with InterSwitch, MasterCard and Visa. GTPay now comes with better codes. Under this platform, a customer can complete GTPay integration in less than a week and consummate transactions on it. The features of GTPay  are instant deduction from customers card, reduced sign on fee and online transactions tracking.