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The Time We Do Not Have (Putting The Internet to Positive Use)



Internet time

Many a people these days, especially graduates and youths, blame the poor state of their lives on their government’s none-provision of jobs and basic amenities. The truth is, not everybody or country will have it rosy, in fact, there are little or no silver spoon’s left, it is therefore, imperative that you carve one yourself. I am not saying you do not have a right to what your government ought to provide but, what I am saying is, the person most responsible for you, is YOU! Yes! I said, YOU.

Many a people have lost themselves while waiting for someone else to provide for them, while some, allow their innate potential die because they believe someone must push them before they act. These are human lobster’s and they abound everywhere in the world; they stand stranded ashore, waiting for the wave to come their way and push them back into the sea, however, maybe a few inches walk towards the sea would have brought them closer to it. Have you imagined yourself on your death bed and starring down at you, are your God given talents that you failed to explore or develop? These talents will ask you why you failed to act upon them when they came to you because they believed only you would utilize them properly, they will ask you, why you were so adamant even when other people told you, you have it in you to be something, but fear and lack of attention, made you turn a deaf ear towards it.

A friend once told me, people discover themselves through poverty and lack, but that is not totally true, as even some wealthy people, fail to discover themselves too, because they do not see a need to; wealth has been entrusted to them by their loved ones, so why bother. We have several musicians today, same with actors and footballers etc but not everyone is a hit, in fact, some people embrace a profession when they see others excelling in it, not minding if it is what they were destined for. Not everybody will be a musician, not everyone will be an actor, a footballer or even a writer, but it is necessary that you discover what you can do and forge that into your money spinning job. Do more than sit at home, complain on Facebook, write on Twitter and comment on every single picture or status you see on Facebook or instagram.

Let us work a simple maths;
We have 24 hours in a day and out of this 24 hours, we sleep for approximately 12 hours, for those who go early to bed. We have 12 hours to ourselves and an active user of the internet, spends an average of 4 hours online, chatting with friends either on Whatsapp, 2go, Badoo, Facebook or even BBM.
We spend another 3 hours watching TV soaps or football.
Another, 2 hours or more hanging out with friends.
Some even spend an average of 2 hours idly in the house or at newspaper stands arguing, even at bars etc the list goes on and on.

Let us calculate and see how much of our time we are throwing or have thrown away:
4 + 3 + 2 + 2 = 11 hours on irrelevant routines. By the time you are 30 years old and you do these on a daily bases; Let us go further by dividing 11 with 24 and multiplying it by 30;
11 ÷ 24 x 30 = 13.75. You can see that from the calculation that you have spent 13.75 years of your life,losing out.

If you are 30 years old, you probably have about 21,000 days left to live. Everyday you waste, is a day you will never get back, therefore, now is the time to save the rest of your life, by utilizing every second you have and forge something meaningful out of your time. Remember, if knowledge and wealth are to be measured by idleness and laziness, we would have geniuses and very buoyant people walking the face of the earth today, in fact, there would be no complains and everyone will only need to be very idle and lazy, to be richer.

Just like food is important to everyone of us, we should not hesitate to make our time equally important; failure to do this, leads to mismanagement of our lives. I grew up loving my idle times because, it gave me time to hang out with my friends, I played video games, surfed the internet nonstop, chatting on Facebook and 2go for hours and watched movies at will, despite my parents being disciplinarians; But when I started utilizing my time doing something meaningful, I noticed, I was learning things I naturally would not know, if I were idle; I was beginning to hate television programs except for news, I disliked the fact that I spent so much time on Facebook in the past checking profile pictures and reading status updates, I logged out of Badoo, Instagram and Twitter permanently, deleted 2go from my phone and I sold my blackberry; my first drastic step.

The second step I took was getting an Android phone, although, instagram was part of the native application on my android device when I bought it, I have never bothered to log in for almost a year; I knew I finally took charge of my life, I was finally using every bit of my time, either writing, studying something new or training myself with the resources available on the internet; out of joy, I just could not wait to craft something beyond the ordinary because, I have finally, learned to appreciate my time, my data bundles/internet plans and most of all, to respect money. The essence of telling you all these, is to make you cautious of how fast times are changing and how drastic you need to discipline yourself and be wise with your life, as a matter of fact, most idle men today, will not have anything BIG thrown their way, because those who are being active with their duties are grabbing every bit of what is available out there and it will remain so, until the idle ones discover what they want for themselves and go about working their ass out to get their share from the ever growing market or live by sharing with those who have been actively involved in carving their paths. It is therefore most important, that in this internet age, that you begin to spin your time and life, into a fruit growing tree and make something out of it.

Yes! the government is corrupt. Yes! they do nothing to help you. Yes! you have no job. Yes! Your parents hardly provide for you. Yes! you regret being born in Nigeria or in your country. Yes! you were not born lucky. I totally understand you, but do you know more than half of the people we adore and talk of today, were in a rather worst condition than you are today?

There were little or no opportunities those days, but rather, men and women who could think out of the box and read the future. The only opportunity you need now, is the life and time you enjoy today, these two when lost, can never be regained; The story of the dry leaves, should be a lesson to the green ones.

Culled from the Book; The Time We Do Not Have (An inspirational handbook on how to put the internet to positive use), by Valentine Chinyem