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The 2nd peace forum in Ibadan, Nigeria, the 7th peace dialogue in Yangon Myanmar and the 3rd peace dialogue in Sagaing Myanmar

Valentine Chinyem



2015 was a year filled with memories of terrible events. However, the reason why we don’t stay in frustration and sadness is that there is good news and hopeful messages from all over the world. In this eventful year, HWPL’s covering the world with peace last December seemed to be more fruitful than before.

Last 15th in Ibadan Nigeria, the 2nd IPYG&IWPG peace forum was hosted under the theme of ‘what kind of social base are there to achieve peace?’ Not only the youth and women who played the key role but also university professors and journalists(about 150 people) gathered and suggested various opinions about solutions to achieve peace.

The 2nd peace forum could be opened since the 1st peace forum ended with a positive respond. This has an important meaning because the IPYG and IWPG’s peace activities have been expanded from Lagos to Ibadan.

IPYG and IWPG stated that “We will support the thoughts and actions which different sections of Nigerian people have about peace and we are also ready to achieve it with them.”

Meanwhile, there was a meeting the religious leaders gathering together in Yangon and Sagaing, Myanmar. The 7th peace dialogue held in Yangon on December 5th and the 3rd one held in Sagaing on December 19th were events to find the answers of the religion’s alliance and achieving democratic peace actualization.

One of the participants who attended the WARP OFFICE said “Myanmar has undergone a dictatorship for 60 years and it is a country desiring freedom and peace. Though we were interested in peace establishment, we couldn’t practice it. Because there wasn’t any arenas to discuss it practically. Also I’m impressed that many religions could exist in harmony. I want to express my gratitude to HWPL which has given us this chance and the directions for visualizing peace in Myanmar.”

HWPL is an organization which has worked for the implementation of an international convention on the cessation of war and achievement of world peace and hosted the world alliance of religions’ peace office in 59 countries 107 places with the affiliated group of IPYG and IWPG. HWPL activities are being watched with keen interest as a link of peace among diverse countries in the globe.