Tuesday, March 20, 2018

That is life!


Imagine graduating from uni at age 21, only to wait for 10 more years before landing your first job… That is life. You got married at age 24, only to wait for another 15 years before having your first child…. That is life. Oh! that lady isn’t as pretty as you are, but she is already married with 3 kids, yet you have dated several men, only for them to end up with someone else as wife…. That is life. Your neighbor got into uni at 17, while you are still struggling to pass post utme at 25… That is life. You hustled so hard to make it in life, only to discover you can’t enjoy your wealth cause you were diagnosed of cancer…. That is life. You served your master for 5 years, only for him to send you back to the village just 2 months to your settlement, after framing you….. That is life. You forced your child back to Nigeria after his studies abroad, for youth service…only for him to lose his life in an auto crash…. That is life. You traveled through the desert to Libya, with crossing the Mediterranean Sea into Europe in mind….only to discover the overloaded boat taking you and others across the sea, is sinking with no help in sight…. That is life.


This life isn’t fair, this life is hard, Yes!….but we have seen “This life” blessing people enormously. Oh! Tell me you don’t know, this life has changed the fortunes of a total nobody to somebody…. That is life. Even this life is merciful…. I have seen the poor rewarded with wealth, the barren woman of 28years give birth to quadruplets or the jobless guy of 15 years, having to select which company to go work for, cause all of a sudden, they all just want to recruit him after 15 years of waiting…. Oh, that is life. Hahaha! This life is a mystery and no one understands it…..but that is life too.

This Life has a way of connecting the dots and make them fit in due time. See! this life somehow, already knows what you want to be in life….so be encouraged today cause your struggles over the years have not gone in vain….and even when you feel down, just remember, Coca-Cola was only able to sell 25 gallons in its first year of operation.
This Life, I tell you, will reward you in due time.

Another dose of inspiration from, Valentine Chinyem

Photo Credit: UsefulGen

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