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Ten agencies in Nigeria to help you study abroad.

Valentine Chinyem



The demand for foreign degree in recent times has been on an astronomical increase in Nigeria. The reason for this increase is because foreign certificate holders especially western certificate are in most cases given preferential treatment in the areas of employee selection and remuneration in Nigeria and globally.

Long before now, securing foreign admission by Nigerians used to be a Herculean task but that has been made easier since the advent of education agencies in Nigeria. Below are ten agencies that help foreign admission seekers in Nigeria process admission:

Avail International Consult

Avail International Consult is one of the best foreign admission processors in Nigeria. This consulting firm is vastly experienced in fixing Nigerian students into boarding schools, universities and colleges in the United Kingdom. Avail International Consult helps in finding the right courses and schools for Nigerians who aspire to further their education abroad. The company’s website is

Emion Placement Resources Limited

Emion Placement Resources Limited processes admission for Nigerians aspiring to continue their educational pursuit in Malaysia, UK, Netherlands, Cyprus, India, Sweden, Finland, Russia and so on. This company has a tested and trusted credibility in the area of admission processing. Their charges are moderate and their turn around time is highly encouraging. For more information about Emion Placement Resources Limited, log on to

Diptot International Consult

This consulting firm possesses amazing and experienced professionals that handle the admission processing request of Nigerian students that are seeking admission to oversea schools. They have successfully processed admission for Nigerians to Canadian, German, Finnish, Ukranian and Russian schools. To know more about Diptot International Consult, visit

Morgan Consultancy Services

The major niche that Morgan Consultancy Services possesses is that the agency only processes admission for aspiring Nigerian students into Canadian schools, as such, the agency is endowed with professionals that are vast in the understanding of Canadian government law and policy governing foreign students admission. Their website is

Mainbrain International Global Education

This agency handles the entire admission processing request for Nigerian students. They help secure admission, visa, air ticketing and airport pick up of admitted students. Their admission processing spans through countries like Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Ukraine, Russia, United Kingdom and so on. The agency’s website is

Imperial Educational Services

Imperial Educational Services is a Lagos based education consultancy agency that helps aspiring students from Nigeria and Africa to secure foreign admission. This agency is affiliated to universities in Cyprus, Canada, UK, United States, Lithuania, Dubai, Georgia, Hungary, Ukraine, China and so many countries. Part of the services rendered by the agency include applications documentation, admissions processing, visa support, travel, ticketing and airport pick up. Their website is

Student Travel International

Student Travel International is an offshoot of Student Travel Centre. The agency provides qualitative services for its clients through partnership with universities in Dubai, United States, South Africa, Malaysia, Ireland, UK and Canada. To know more about Student Travel International, visit

E-Global International Education

E-Global International Education provides assistance to Nigerian students that desire to study abroad. This agency has link with over 150 universities in Spain, Singapore, New Zealand, UK, Malaysia, Italy, Ireland, Australia and Canada. The agency’s website is

Chelis Education Consult

This Lagos based firm assists aspiring Nigerian students to gain admission into grade A universities in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and United States. To know more about Chelis Education Consult, visit

Bowell Educational Services Limited

This agency is located in Ilupeju, Lagos and it facilitates students admission processing into universities and colleges in Moldova, UK, Singapore, Ukraine, Canada, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Malaysia, Russia, Georgia and United States. To get more information about the agency, visit