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Suspected Killers Of Former CDS Alex Badeh Arrested By Police​



The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) in a joint investigation with the Nigerian Air Force have arrested two suspects over the killing of a former Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Chief Air Marshal Alex Badeh retired.

Daily Trust learnt from a top security source yesterday that the suspects will be paraded before journalist at the Force headquarters in Abuja today.

The source noted that the suspects were directly involved in the killing of Badeh and details of their involvement would be revealed during the parade.

Daily Trust had gathered that Badeh may have been killed in a badly planned kidnapping for ransom attempt.

He was killed by gunmen along the Keffi -Abuja road, on Tuesday December 18th 2018 during an attack on his vehicle while returning from his farm.

In ambush the gun men killed Badeh who was in the front passengers seat, before abducting another person seated at the back rightside of the vehicle (owners corner).

According to sources, the assailants must have been working with information about the movement of the former CDS, but abducted the wrong person during the botched kidnap.

They were said to have killed Badeh who was sitting where his security guard or orderly would have been at the front-right passenger seat.

His orderly was seated behind the driver of the vehicle at the back left seat, while the abducted person said to be a personal friend of the killed former CDS was seated at the back right.

It was learnt the gun men attacked the jeep while they were returning towards Abuja from the farm and first fired shots at the front passenger seat.

Other security personnel said to be in an escort car behind the jeep carrying Badeh were unable to stop the attack as they were said to have been overwhelmed by the superior fire power of the attackers.

Badeh’s driver is said to have been evacuated to a hospital in Abuja where he is being treated, while Badeh’s orderly survived the attack.

DailyTrust Newspaper