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Instagram Marketing Strategies For Your Business




Today, more than 60 per cent of companies worldwide use Instagram for their corporate communications. And rightly so: Instagram offers a whole range of possibilities and features that you can use to attract a lot of attention to your business. We have 10 helpful Instagram marketing strategies for you on how to get the most out of your Instagram profile and inspire your followers.

1. Enthusiastic with picture worlds

Instagram is first and foremost an image platform and is there to post, liking and commenting on pictures. Take advantage of this visual storytelling! With the mass of pictures on Instagram, it can quickly sink into arbitrariness. You should absolutely avoid this: The best way to achieve this through so-called picture worlds. Motives that move out of a familiar environment. Because you get your followers emotionally – and they feel understood. Image worlds have the power to create a certain mood, open a world and visually support a topic. What these image worlds are and how you implement them is up to you. The important thing is that the content matches your positioning and has added value for your followers. For companies, it is best to post images of products and services. Creativity knows no limits!

Various filters and apps help you to customize your pictures and make them unique. Separate photo editing apps like Afterlight, Facetune or VSCO Cam are recommended. In addition, there are a variety of apps with which you can create features such as collages (for example, with the layout ) or panoramic shots (for example, with Swipeable).

2. Embed Instagram Widget on Website

Embedding an Instagram widget in your official website is a terrific way to drive conversions and engagement from social media to your small business. Social media aggregation tool lets you make a social feed widget on your site.  Embed Instagram widget onto your website makes it more enjoyable, interactive, visually artistic, and customized for your viewers to have a superior browsing experience with simple navigation and beautiful visuals.  

The moderation panel will allow you to filter the very best content to exhibit and eliminate profane, non-relevant content. Controlling the power of visuals out of Instagram will construct a connection between social networking along with your company resulting in enlarged reach, awareness, participation, and conversions that are amplified.

3. Increases your reach with hashtags

The nuts and bolts on Instagram are good hashtags. These decide whether and how your postings are perceived beyond your community. We advise you to use the most popular hashtags to make your pictures easier to find. Adds hashtags that relate to your industry or brand. When looking for suitable hashtags, it is advisable to find out which ones your competitors are using and taking their bearings from. The Instagram search function also helps.

4. Use the stories and highlights to highlight special content


Snapchat was a pioneer in temporary content delivery for a long time. But now the tide has turned, as more and more users prefer the Instagram story. It’s a feature that allows you to upload short stories through photos, video clips, or so-called boomerangs. The story is always online 24 hours a day and will be deleted automatically. It is, therefore, suitable for short-lived content that should not be permanently visible on your Instagram page. For example, if you are at an event, show it to your followers, providing them with insights into your everyday life. Also in the story, pictures or videos can be edited before posting: with filters, stickers – such as the current location or time -, pens or texts. There are also Ask Question and Survey tools to encourage your followers to interact directly. The benefit: You know how your followers tick.

Some pictures and videos from the stories are so interesting or are so well received by your followers that it would be a shame to let them disappear after 24 hours. Here is the highlights remedy. In them, past stories can be saved and thus made permanently visible in the profile. The prerequisite for this, however, is that they were previously saved in the archive. This is ensured by the setting “Save in archive”. For each highlight, you can choose a headline, so that they can be meaningfully categorized.

5. Send live and alert your followers to your activities

Closely related to the stories is the feature Instagram Live. The feature is integrated into the stories, but always a stand-alone format. It allows you to start live videos that will be displayed to your followers right at the top of the feed. Additionally, they will be notified if they have enabled push notifications for their device. This feature is especially interesting for companies as it attracts the attention of your followers.

Live videos are authentic, creating more closeness to the company or brand, and are therefore a great opportunity to get in direct contact with your community. A meaningful occasion for a live video is, for example, the introduction of a new product or an event that you visit. In this way, your followers are close at hand. Spontaneity is important for live videos, but you should not go live without a plan. An advantage of live videos is that they can be commented on directly and you can go live with them directly.


After the video ends, you can save it in your recordings or share it in your story. Then it’s online 24 hours a day.

6. Ask your followers to buy through Instagram Shopping

Each month, 90 million people spend shopping spree on Instagram to learn more about the products they advertise. No wonder then that the function is becoming increasingly popular and is particularly interesting for companies. The online storefront makes it possible to integrate products into the visual storytelling of your Instagram posts and stories. You can tag up to five products per image in posts in the feed, so your followers end up directly on the Instagram product page. From here you can go directly to your website.

The shopping function is constantly being optimized by Instagram. New features will be live soon.

7. Set up a business profile


We advise companies to create a business account instead of the “normal” account. It offers a whole range of features that help to improve your profile. For example, the advanced profile information feature makes it easier to get in touch, as you can add contact information and directions. Particularly helpful are the statistics on profile, post and stories. These give you information about your number of subscribers and changes compared to the previous week. Reaches, profile views and website clicks of the last 7 days are also visible here. In addition, you will receive information about the gender distribution, the age and the places of origin of your followers as well as times and days when they are online.

8. Find the right time for your posting

Although it sounds banal, the timing of posting your content is hugely relevant to your reach. The right time depends mainly on the following question: When are your followers online? Say: At what time is the highest probability that as many of my followers see my posting? As already mentioned, this is best found out through the Business Manager. Smartphone apps like When to post and Prime for Instagram also help with the evaluation.

9. Organize with the help of an editorial plan

To keep track of your postings, we advise you to create an editorial plan before setting up your profile. Think carefully, when you want to post something and stick to this plan! An editorial plan provides an overview of relevant and promising topics and helps bring new content online on a regular basis. Your followers will benefit as well, ensuring that posts are tailored to their interests and do not duplicate.

10. Build a network

If you listen to all these tips, not much can go wrong. Nevertheless, your profile can still be so good. In the end, it only brings you something when you reach enough people. The foundation of a successful Instagram account is a large, authentic and active community. To achieve this, you set up an Instagram network. Make your profile as popular as possible! Liked hardworking, following other relevant accounts and commenting on the content of other profiles. You can also be geotagging your photos. By linking the locations of your pictures you attract other visitors of the same places to your page.


Instagram has a lot of features and features that are great for drawing attention to your business. Via Instagram you can reach a lot of people and thus potential customers. Instagram currently has around one billion active users, and the trend is still rising. So the potential of Instagram for business is huge. If you follow our tips, nothing stands in the way of successful marketing via Instagram.