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There is a common saying that if you don’t have big connections, you can’t get a job in Nigeria. But the truth of the matter is that it is indeed possible to have the coolest entry level job in one of the coolest multinational companies without any so called ‘big connection.

Though there are far fewer jobs in Nigeria than the people searching for jobs, but some smart people still find themselves getting jobs or switching Jobs without Hassles.
So this post is for those who seem not to find it that easy so you can get some tips on how to get a dream Job in Nigeria.

I know there are a lot of ways to attract the right Oil and Gas Job, bank Job, Telecoms Job etc, but I’ll just share these few but power tips on getting your dream Job.

Possess the Required/Necessary Certificate
Sound like a normal thing? But sometimes some folks just join the mass to complain about not having the right job or job at all when the real problem is that they do not possess the required certificate or say knowledge for their dream job.

There is the need for you to get the required certifications and requirements and even more for that sector or job you are in search of so you can have added advantage. You should also be sound in almost all areas of life, from ICT, Social issues, to even latest trends.

Tap Into Your Contacts
Do you know anyone who works for the organization already? Do you know anyone who might know someone who works for that organization already? Try to get a hold of people already in the organization and see whether or not they can put in a good word for you somewhere.

Make Some New Contacts.
You see, human beings are programme to connect with each other. If you are able to build better relationship with your fellow men, you’ll be on the right track. So don’t be afraid to stop by the office at some point in advance of your interview to talk to people.

Make Your Resume Simple, Clean, and Mistake Free.
Your resume is a medium through which you can give your employer a little hint about you, your qualification, experience, and to show if you are the right person for the post you are applying for.
The resume needs to have long promises but short on explanation. What skills expertise can you bring to the company how can your position increase the bottom line. Package yourself up according to the specific job target focus on the jobs you know you can do well. If you’re not completely confident about your spelling and grammar, find a good writer who can review your resume for you. Don’t mess this up.

Study, and Practice How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
Reading a book might look inappropriate to finding real jobs. But I’ll tell you what this is the best book I’ve ever read on how to present yourself well to others. It’s broken down into actionable items you can practice, and these items really work. Knowing and using the material in this book will set you apart from people who do not. So check it out and see the value it can offer you.

Final tip
Know the job description you are applying for even if you’re a fresh graduate and your major does not match talk about how you acquired skills through school activities, family business, NYSC etc; know your strengths and weakness Most importantly study your target job and have a clear focus on what the employer wants to hear in the resume look at the job from the needs of the hiring manager.

If you have followed the tips above, you will arrive at a final stage where all the process above would have open the door of opportunities. So all you have to do is to put the tips into action. Request for the job, attend the interview, pass the aptitude test (if any) and get your employment letter.

And one final advice: target a job you can land and be successful at! Don’t forget that getting the job is just the first process, you’ll have to deliver so as to remain and climb higher. I hope this content help you land a good job.