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History Made in Italy as Green Card is Shown to Player in Serie B




Ever wondered if there are other cards used in football apart from the Red or Yellow Cards?
Well, there is a Green Card but unlike the Red and Yellow Cards which are being used for foul play to discipline players, the Green Card is used as a reward to promote fair play.

At the beginning of the season, as announced in January, 2016, the option of a green card was introduced in the Italian Division Two League (Serie B), to promote fair play and change football’s image. Serie B announced that the player who is given the most green cards will get a reward at the end of the season.

History was however made as, referee Marco Mainardi decided to award Galano the honour of having his name in history books as the first Serie B player to be given a Green Card. Galano was given a Green Card in the match between Vicenza and Virtus Entella; During the serie B match, Vicenza were awarded a corner, but Vicenza forward, Galano admitted that no Virtus Entella defender touched the ball.

While the referees haven’t actually been given physical green cards, all recipients will be documented with the player who gets the most rewarded at the end of the season.

But Serie B president Andrea Abodi said players will only receive the card if they perform an ‘extraordinary act’.
“It’s a symbolic award. It can be something very simple. The important thing is to recognise acts of fair play. This is just one part of a series of initiatives on and off the pitch. Respect has to come first and that’s where this green card comes into play.”

The initiative is being introduced in collaboration with the Italian Refereeing Organisation with the aim of changing the image of Italian football and motivating players to promote good behaviour on the pitch.

More so, at the end of every month, the management of the Serie B, will announce a list of all the players whose names appear most on the green card list.