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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology In Nigeria



cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology is presently setting and smashing records all over the world. Technology is the present and future of the world, its breaking new grounds and this is an everyday occurrence which is not going to stop anytime soon. Things that we never imagined could be possible is gaining momentum every day before our very eyes. The financial sector is not left out of the technological revolution. Cryptocurrency is the new way of dealing financially, it is breaking the barrier of the traditional way of transacting financially. The financial sector is a very important part of our daily life and with the advent of cryptocurrency, it just got easier.

Cryptocurrency is digital currency that was invented by Satoshi a Japanese man to ease the way we transact, you can transact anywhere in the world with it, the price of Crypto is not affected by any government policies, it generally operates on the law of demand and supply.

It has helped to make simple the complex transactions that go on each day. You can have your bank stored up in your smart phones and transact freely at the tip of your finger. The underlying technology of all the cryptocurrencies is the “Blockchain” technology which has a huge potential to change the way of financial transactions. The Blockchain technology enabled the peer-to-peer delivery of the coins electronically, cutting down the transaction cost far below than other traditional financial services. For the low transaction fees, cryptocurrencies have huge potential for international remittances.

One of the banes of an online transaction or financial dealing is “security” the blockchain technology actually help to bridge this gap. It has made people trust and believe in the crypto system, the cryptocurrency system has experienced a large increase in price over the years, more and more people are investing into it.

The most popular crypto is Bitcoin, it is the most lucrative. Bitcoin is a digital currency, you can easily open an online wallet and transact with ease within a short period of time without going through the stress of bank verifications. It makes it easier to send money from one country to another without experiencing restrictions like Platforms like PayPal, Perfect money and Payoneer.

It’s safe to say that technology is life in this present century. Technology is been used by all sectors to innovate. Cryptocurrency is the future of financial transaction all over the world. In the coming years, more cryptocurrency will emerge.

There are many blockchain news and innovations, and ICO news and token sales going on online, the Blockchain Technology Nigeria market should not be left behind. If you are a Blockchain or Cryptocurrency business in Nigeria, tell us how business is going, send to us some articles and information about your business, or tell us how you see the future and opportunities of Blockchain technology in Nigeria and we shall publish it on our website