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20 Social Media businesses to start in Nigeria.



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The social media is increasingly gaining a lot of steam as an influential means of spreading the word about almost any business in Nigeria. Businesses are now eploring the viral video boom on platforms like Facebook. Various infographics that are readily available have shown the increasing influence of social media and its potential on how clients perceive product and services. The most import social media channels that are deployed by Nigerian businesses have been Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and niche blogs.

Jumia is an example of an online retailer that deploys social media in its marketing campaign.
Furthermore, there are  enormous amount of social media businesses that can be kick started in Nigeria, due to their ability to spread the word about what your business does.

See how these 20 Social Media businesses  can be started in Nigeria.
1. Online Retail Business: Online retail business can be started in Nigeria using the tools available on Facebook. Selling of consumer products via the use of a Facebook page affords the business the benefit of customization and possibly the use of Facebook landing page to create an online store.

2. E-currency Business: E-currency merchants can also deploy a Facebook fan page for the sole aim of advertising their product and also marketing of such. E-currency units like Bitcoins, can be advertised by a merchant and subsequent transactions redirected to the merchant website.

3. Entertainment Business: Budding music artist can set up Youtube channels to garner popularity and sell themselves to willing record labels. The Nigerian music scene is constantly growing and artist can start their career on Youtube and Facebook alike.

4. Small Media Firms: It is possible to start an online media company using social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Breaking news media house like Sahara Reporters did well by starting some part of their media campaign on Facebook and Youtube.

5. Auto Dealing: Nigeria has a good market for automotive, be it new or used cars. There are opportunities in the auto dealership niche and the social media can be a fertile ground for such businesses.

6. Social media expert: A lot of companies in Nigeria are in dire need of experts who can manage their Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest handles. This is a business that can flourish in Nigeria.

7. Personal chef: It is possible to start a chef a business in Nigeria by just owning a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube page. You can get along by uploading your recipes on Facebook and also upload videos of how recipes are prepared.

8. Event coordinator: Events such as naming ceremonies, parties and marriages are very familiar sights in Nigeria. Seemingly, people do not want to tackle the hassles associated with them, hence it is possible to start an event coordinator business in Nigeria and be sure that it’ll thrive.

9. Event DJ: One can start out as an event DJ in Nigeria using social media tools like Youtube and Facebook.

10. Exercise instructor: It is increasingly possible to hold exercise sessions with students in Nigeria. It offers a good niche for a business startup using social media tools like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

11. Handyman services: For those who are skilled at basic home repair, then it is possible to setup a Facebook fan page that would provide an avenue for clients to call you for repair jobs such as plumbing, etc.

12. Nanny Service: Due to the growing middle class in Nigeria, there’s need for this sort of job and having a social media channel support such services could be a success if properly managed.

13. Computer Troubleshooting: A computer troubleshooting service business can be launched and run using social media tools like Facebook and Youtube.

14. Sewing and Alterations: My girlfriend is quite handy with the sewing machine and often hems and modifies my shirt. Recently, I asked her to setup a Facebook page where she could upload some of her work and the responses have been encouraging.

15. Tutoring: The annual WAEC and JAMB test in Nigeria creates the opportunity for tutoring. Starting such services on Facebook and Youtube, attending to specific subjects can be a welcome idea for a startup business in Nigeria.

16. Landscaping services: With sprawling private residences in Nigeria, the need for landscaping has seen a spike and this business sure does have a lot of potentials in the social media space.

17. Interior decorating: If you’re fascinated by interior design and can decorate a home to taste if given the required design material, then you can setup a social media business to meet this.

18. Baking: Nigerians love confectionery and starting a Facebook Page with pictures of baked products can be enough fan attraction.

19. Cleaning services: A lot of businesses and government offices require professional individuals who can clean their office spaces, running such services with social media exposure is a good start.

20. Website design: Running a website design business doesn’t require much asides owning a pc that is connected to the internet. A good social media campaign can expose your business to a wide audience.