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Visit Angola – What to Pack On Your Trip To Angola

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A visit to Angola could pretty well be one of the most memorable events of your life if planned correctly and the opportunity utilized to the fullest.

Considerations Before You Visit Angola

Your correct plan will have to involve knowing what you need to pack for the visit. What you will pack will depend on the reason for your visit. Is it a business visit or a social visit and so on, whatever your reason for visiting it is worth mentioning that Angola is still pretty much ‘third world’, this should be one of your main considerations when packing for a trip to Angola.

Prepare To Visit Angola

For a most memorable journey to Angola, make sure you have the following items in your luggage.

Permissions and Identification Papers

You should normally have your visa on arrival. It is one of the first things that will be checked when you arrive. You should have obtained this from your home embassy as you can hardly be issued a visa once you are already inside Angola. You will also need your identification papers like your passport, credit cards, car rental confirmation numbers, Driver’s licence and long distance call cards. You can carry photocopies of these to avoid misplacing or losing them.

Health Requirements

You need a yellow fever certificate to be allowed into Angola. Be sure you have this before embarking on the journey as this will be checked immediately on arrival. You should also have medications such as personal prescriptions you are on, eye glasses if you use them, tablets for indigestion, diarrhoea and motion sickness. You should also have aspirin, cough syrup and a very good insect repellent since you are visiting a third world country.


You should make sure you have your complete toiletries including your deodorant and perfume. For clothes you should carry along a wide range of varieties form your pyjamas right up to through your socks and underwear to your jackets, trousers or skirts. You need the variety because of the physical and climatic differences that are prevalent in the country.

Assorted Items

Here you have to carry different types of shoes because some of the country side is hilly and you might need hiking boots to climb the hills to see the sights. You will also need electronics like your camera, laptop, flash drive, charger, mobile phone and so on to record memories of your visit for future references. You will also need money but not necessarily local currency because there are businesses in Angola that accept dollars for transactions.

Things You Need To Have As You Visit Angola

These are just some of the most basic things you need to visit Angola. There are more items you might need like a rugged 4WD vehicle because of the nature of the country’s landscape and roads. But you can get these other needs on arrival. Whatever you hold or don’t hold when visiting Angola, the most important thing is your being in the best frame of mind. Know that with Angola being a third world nation and all the attendant issues that come with being so, your visit is still sure to be one of the most memorable events of your life if you plan for it and execute that plan very well.