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United States Attorney General Eric Holder Hired by MTN to Help Win Legal Battle

Justin Anumiri



MTN Nigeria has strengthened its legal battle against NCC by hiring Eric Holder, a former United States Attorney. Eric Holder will join force with the other Senior Advocates of Nigeria to ensure that MTN win the court case it initiated against NCC for imposing a fine of $3.9 billion for its failure to disconnect unregistered subscribers.

MTN and NCC have made strong headlines since September 2015. NCC has imposed a fine of $5.2 billion which was later reduced to $3.9 after much talks with NCC as a punishment for the company’s inability to disconnect subscribers with SIM cards that have not been properly registered or registered at all.

MTN has gone to court to challenge the case. However, the company has on several occasions said it is ready to continue negotiation with the Nigeria authorities for reduction of the fine. The legal team of MTN has prayed a Federal High Court judge sitting in Lagos to give the company more time to complete negotiation with the Nigerian Authorities since the discussion has already started before the case was brought to the court. The judge guaranteed the prayer of the consul of the country.

MTN is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the case turn to its favors. First, it assembled a team of lawyers comprising senior advocates of Nigeria only. Now, the company has gone further to strengthen its legal team by hiring Holder who was the leader of the US Justice Department from 2009 to 2015.