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RMAFC: Review Of Public Officers’ Salaries and Allowances 95% Complete

Dele Akintilo



The Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) has said that the long overdue report on the review of salaries and allowances of public office holders will soon be completely done. This statement was made by the RMAFC Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed on October 9, 2015 during an interview session he had with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

The RMAFC‘s Chairman, Elias Mbam inaugurated members of the Remuneration Review Committee that would carry out the review process and gave them till September 30, 2015 to get the review report ready but while reacting to the committee‘s inauguration and efforts made so far by the committee, Mr. Mohammed said, “You will recall that in the second quarter of this year, the Chairman of the Commission, Elias Mbam, promised Nigerians that the review exercise would be completed before the end of September. The process has been on, I can say the whole exercise is about 95% complete. There were some intervening variables that did not allow us to complete it on schedule but I am assuring Nigerians that within the next couple of days, it will be ready. “

He revealed that the review process started with research on remuneration packages that obtain for public office holders of similar countries to Nigeria and progressed by engaging in stakeholder
meetings across Nigeria in a bid to seek the views of Nigerians owing to the fact that they have stake in the process since they voted the politicians.

He also disclosed that “The beauty of it (the report) is that when it is presented to the National Assembly, members of the National Assembly have no constitutional right to tamper with what we proposed for them. They can only tamper with what is approved for the executive and the judiciary and in doing so, they can only review it downward. Whatever we recommend for them is final“.

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