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Policeman ‘kills’ corps member a day to her passing out

Valentine Chinyem



A corps member who was scheduled to pass out today from the mandatory one-year National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) has died following injuries she sustained after a policeman shot at the vehicle she was traveling in.

The corps member whose name was given as Linda Nkechi Igwetu, was said to have finished work late from her post of primary assignment in the Mabushi area of Abuja and had gone out with friends to celebrate her end of year service when the incident happened.

Narrating how the incident happened, Segun Awosanya said via his Twitter handle: “She finished at work late at about 11pm and joined a few friends to a hang out before their passing out parade scheduled for Thursday (today).

“They left for home at about 3am and was shot at shortly after the check point immediately after Ceddi Plaza by a Police Officer identified as Benjamin Peters.

“The bullet hit Angela on her side, by the midriff and she began loosing blood in the open roof vehicle.

“She was rushed to the Garki hospital but they wouldn’t treat her until they see a police report despite the fact that the police officers were present. While the deliberation was ongoing, Angela bled to death.”

Policeman who shot the corps member


However, he said the case has been reported at the federal secretariat police station, and that the police report on the incident is being awaited.

More so, the Senate President, Bukola Saraki while experessing shock at the unfortunate incident, said:

“There are two issues here. One, is how could this have happened? How could the officer mistakenly or otherwise have shot in such a way that led to this young ladies death?

“Secondly, we have passed this Compulsory Treatment and Care of Victims of Gunshots Act, and the President assented to it on the 30th of December 2017.

“Until we start holding people accountable to these kinds of incidents, they will not stop. What is the point of us passing a Bill, and the President assenting to it, then it becomes law, and still, people will decide that they will not treat a patient.

“Is it that they are not well-informed? Is it that they were not aware that such a law exists? There are a number of issues that we need to address.

“Every Nigerian life is important. Especially young ones that are just about to start their own lives and careers. This is a loss that could have been avoided.”

The Senate resolved to:

Mandate its Committee on Youth and Sports to investigate the death of the NYSC Corper; mandate its Committee on Health to investigate the non-treatment of the patient, and; mandate its Committee on Police Affairs to investigate the cause of the incident.

All three Committees have been directed to report back to the Senate in 2-weeks.

Further more, Nigerians and sympathizers have continued to react on Twitter, read some of the reactions below:

@Rally “Federal Govt. Please scrap this rubbish NYSC already, innocent people are dying over nothing all in the name of serving one’s fatherland.”

@UbaMichael “My heart goes out to the family of Linda Nkechi Igwetu, NYSC Member. May God give you fortitude to bear this great loss.

“But the constitution boldly bestow us freedom of movement at any time and any day! Nowadays our only crime is that we are Nigerians.”

@DrJoeAbbah ” I received with shock and sadness news of the killing of Miss Linda Angela Igwetu in Abuja yesterday. It appears that she was killed by the Police. I call on the Police authorities to do everything they can to speedily investigate this matter and ensure justice for Linda.”

@Dantiana42 “The name of d policeman that shot her is Benjamin Peter’ so let’s hope that justice is served.”

@OdikwoGodwin “Justice should be served on all those involved in the death of an innocent NYSC Member that was supposed to round up her service today. From the callous policeman that shot at her to the management of the hospital that refused her treatment in an emergency state. None should escape.”

@Florenceozor “Miss Linda Angela Igwetu, she would have passed out from NYSC today, SARS ensured she passed away yesterday.

“Nigeria does not protect its future, it kills it.”

@Robot147 “If NYSC can’t give security to corps members then I see no reason why we serving.”

@Smirkgal “My own is NYSC should not let this one go. Kazaure needs to let corps members know their lives matter. It’s not touring camps up and down…RIP Angela.”

@BenUgbana “When I hear undergraduates say they don’t want to serve their country under the NYSC, I used to shake my head for them.

“But I don’t do that anymore. Because serving a country that cannot protect you is just not worth it.”