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Nigerian Problems Can Be Solved with Scientific Innovations Applied Via Local Technologies: Dr. Ogbonaya Onu

Justin Anumiri



While decrying the continual dependence of Nigeria on imported item, the newly confirmed Minister of Science and Technology has said that the myriads of problems facing the country can be solved with the innovations made by scientists and other professional relying on indigenous technologies.

Talking about the importance of science and technology in the Nigerian economy, the minister said that if science and technology are properly utilized, they can be the next cash cow of the country.

Dr. Onu expressed his disappointment over the country’s continual importation of petroleum products, weapons and food when she is blessed with lots of raw materials that can be used to produce for the national security.

Dr. Onu said this while speaking in Abuja with the directors of the ministry. According the Minister of Science and Technology, if science and technology are applied to the country’s need, the nation would be able to manufacture the weapons and equipment required for national defense. We alluded to the problem encountered by the country when it wanted to procure ammunition to fight the Boko Haram terrorism.

He said that the country did not need to purchase weapon from anywhere. It can make them internally because it has both the material, Technologies and the man power to make them.