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How To Develop and Promote Your Marketing Business In Africa.

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There are lots and lots of businesses in Africa that require the services of a business marketing expert. It could be search engine marketing to event marketing; the good news is that you will definitely have tons of clients if you start up a marketing business in Africa.  If you do a phenomenal job, you will have loyal clients who would be more than happy to keep doing business with you.

The key is to make sure that you identify your niche and then expand your approach in serving your existing clientele. As a start-up business that provides a range of services, it may be difficult to sell your company as a professional in any of them.

The basic steps to starting your marketing business include:

  • Promoting your business effectively, by beginning with top quality marketing materials that showcase your skills in marketing to clients/businesses.
  • Doing some research in the marketplace in order to find out what service(s) is lacking or is in high demand in Africa.
  • Make sure that you set up a really great partnership or relationship with reliable graphic designers, video production companies, list brokers, event planners and printers.

Look For a Niche for The Marketing Services That You Provide

Concentrate on one basic marketing expertise and provide other services as additional benefits.

Learn and Understand the Habits of other Businesses in the African Marketing Field

By simply taking the time to connect with others in the industry, you will be able to become current with the newest marketing event and trends in Africa.

Subscribe to African Trade Journals

If you are in search of information on latest news about the industry or for information on suppliers for certain marketing niches, you can find these information (and more) by reading African trade magazines.

Do Not Spit Out Small Clients

There are times when big clients do not just come at the time that you need them to. Do not turn up your nose at the opportunity to bid on smaller marketing projects.

Your Marketing Business Needs a Business Plan – Create One!

You will need a really good business plan if you want to have a successful marketing business. Your plan should have clear objectives – also be sure to include possible obstacles that you may have to overcome along the way.

Please Note

One of the best ways to promote your new company is through word of mouth. Ask your clients to refer your services to other people who may need them.

Do not make it a habit of giving all your ideas away for FREE. In most parts of Africa corruption still runs rampant. Most times, companies may want you to provide a complete Request for proposal (RFP) so that they can give your bid to someone else. Just make sure that you only include PAST case studies and results in the proposal that you submit. Do include the objective, goals and general info how you will get the job done.  You do not want the time that you have spent on the proposal to go to someone who gave the lowest bid!