Tuesday, March 20, 2018


The Grand Brand

Creations of times where wars take center stage, Suffering from depressions foiled by ominous rage, In times as timid as the number on their age, They are youths seeing a ...

“Education is a bridge between hope and misery” Kofi Annan said. If there will ever be a fulfilled voice in life, education must be meticulously inscribed into such soul, so ...

Calamities bestrode enmities, Animosities belied the greatness of entities, People of valour and value preaching sanctity, Albeit, their positions lack clarity, Heavens fall when the house is on seat, Even ...
Nigeria in chains

Slave trade was not enough, war soon came, War was not enough, animosity became, The national anthem of the patriots and the villain, What about the bomb that’s made the ...

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