Friday, April 20, 2018

All posts by "Balogun Ridwan"

Balogun Ridwan
A budding writer, student and a futuristic Nigerian.
Bulls and Bullions

The lion’s den is no niche for humans or animals that can’t stand up to the sylvatic tendencies of the king of the kingdom. Each day of the dark clouds ...
Image : Philips

Take a walk around Africa, around your area on any African soil and you’ll be delighted by the level of intelligence shown by African kids. They were born into homes ...
The Grand Brand

Creations of times where wars take center stage, Suffering from depressions foiled by ominous rage, In times as timid as the number on their age, They are youths seeing a ...
Sunday Olisey

When erstwhile Super Eagles coach, Stephen Okechukwu Keshi came on board as the man to lead the senior national football team to greater heights, the feeling was all positive and ...

“Education is a bridge between hope and misery” Kofi Annan said. If there will ever be a fulfilled voice in life, education must be meticulously inscribed into such soul, so ...
Image :Emaze

Kabiru rose one morning only to see he’s made, A student of life who never made the grades, Deceit and defeat always came to his aid, Just when his greatness ...
Nigerian Youths

Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy and the most populous black nation in the world is one with a very healthy youth population, more than  50% of her 170m or thereabout people ...
Nigeria in chains

Slave trade was not enough, war soon came, War was not enough, animosity became, The national anthem of the patriots and the villain, What about the bomb that’s made the ...
Biafra The Niagara

War, as we know is thick, Destruction, reconstructions and an eternal grief, its shticks, The wounds it brings are too bitter to lick, Just as it renders the strong of ...

“Adversity is a crossroads that presents you with one of two paths; character or compromise”, said Dr. John Maxwell. Nigeria, as a sovereign entity has continuously faced adversities; in some ...

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