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How to Apply For a Volunteering Visa in Uganda.

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If you want to apply for a Volunteering Visa for Uganda, know that most foreign nationals have specific requirments  to applying for a visa before entering Uganda. Only those from countries that qualify for Uganda’s visa exemption can enter the country without visas. Such nationals must then possess their passports issued from their countries of origin and still valid for at least, the 3 months they are permitted to be in Uganda for. Processing your visa on arrival at Entebbe Airport or any other land border is cheaper and a bit more forward. And your chances of visa denial in this kind of instance are almost zero if you have already met other simple entry requirements. The following tips will help you process a Ugandan volunteer visa effortlessly.

– You need a passport that is still valid for six months from the day you enter Uganda.
– You need to convince the immigration officers that you have enough money with you by carrying sufficient funds and may be your credit card and a return ticket.
– Ugandan immigration officers always feel you lack sufficient funds to purchase a flight back out of the country if you present a one way ticket. In order to save a lot of explanations it is always advised that you buy and present a return ticket.
– You must present a work permit from the authorities before you can go into Uganda to do any kind of work. It is better that you start by processing your work permit before your intended travel date.
– You will have to also present a yellow fever certificate at the point of entry. You should try and process this before leaving your country of origin because Ugandan immigration officers might not let you into the country without it.

For the sake of space, we shall not go into visa and permit fees one by one. The most important thing for you to know is that you pay an application fee to have your application processed. The amount payable will depend on the type or class of visa, permit or pass you are applying for. There are a lot of factors and variables that determine this. You can check with Ugandan immigration authorities or travel agents to determine exactly how much is applicable in your instance. Their support staff are, always ready to assist you with such issues.

You can get your entry work permit, visa and pass from either the Ugandan embassy or high commission in your country of origin. If there is no Ugandan embassy or high commission in your country then don’t panic. Remember we said it is cheaper and more forward to process your Ugandan visa on arrival at the airport or any land border. Just book a return ticket to Uganda and include processing your visa at your point of entry in your travel plans. You can enquire further about Ugandan visas from Ugandan embassies, high commissions and other Ugandan diplomatic missions abroad. There you will get further enlightenment on whatever challenges you might be facing.