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20 ways to start an Advertising Company in Nigeria



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Starting an advertisement company in Nigeria can be attained via some modest investment and can be run from a home office. Being able to determine the type of advertising business you intend on starting is key to discovering how much money you’ll be making.

Design Traditional advertising businesses; television, radio, web and billboard ads and get paid stipulated fees for such services. Core advertising businesses are designed mainly to deal with web advertising. Although, they still create ad copies, but major in search engine optimization along with keyword search techniques.

The image above depicts a typical Nigerian billboard, sully being hoisted along major streets with the sole aim of conveying its message to as many people as possible.

Let’s look at some of the ways to kickstart an advertising company in Nigeria:
1. You should start by defining the sort of advertising business you intend on running, and specify the services you intend offering.

2. Ensure that you register your business, get your company income tax receipt from the Federal Inland Revenue Service, as well as your Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN). Starting an advertising business in Nigeria does not require a special kind of license.

3. A small office space would do for a start, along with a computer, printer, fax, furniture and a commissioned office phone number. A reliable high-speed internet connection will be a plus, but it does come with a huge price tag in Nigeria as at the time of publishing.

4. Get a professional digital camera, photo scanner, along with a graphic arts design program i.e. Adobe Suite.

5. Purchase some office consumables i.e. stationery, business cards and other marketing print materials.

6. If you wish to have an online presence, then you can purchase a domain and hosting services to allow for your website publishing.

7. Make a list of businesses of interest within our locality that might be interested in your services, thereby building your client base. Ensure you deploy a spreadsheet or database program for proper listing and marketing purposes.

8. Request for rate sheets from ad companies within your locality i.e. newspapers, magazines, tv stations and other advertising outlets, to give you a clue into clues into the prevalent cost for advert.

9. Design a realistic marketing campaign targeted towards the companies on your list and should incorporate the use of emails, phone calls, sms for such purpose.

10. Get involved with local business network within and outside the ad niche so as to get your name out there.

11. Ensure that you’re poised to offer unparalleled top notch products and services. As this will get clients extol your virtues and could get words far and near in your favor.

12. The pivot for your advertising business should be built around an excellent customer care service. Simple things like putting up a smile, being polite and lot more can be very valuable for an advertising business.

13. Have the habit of returning phone calls after concluding sales is good for business.

14. Get active on social media as today’s world can almost not exist without such tools. It is a win-win for an advertising business in Nigeria that deploys social media as the country boast of 65 million monthly mobile data users.

15. Your business should try and engage in some level of community social responsibility, thus giving it a wide popularity and a high probability for job tenders.

16. When clients speak good of your services, do ask if you could use their names on your website. Starting a business with a stack of testimonials on your website is a beneficial referral.

17. Offer advert discounts and freebies if possible to attract customers and subsequently promote your business.

18. List your business on yellow pages and ensure they are accompanied with good description about your advert product and services.

19. Make sure you deliver on your timelines, this is one sure way to get repeat customers in the advertising niche.

20. If you must hire, then hire the best for the job.

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