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16 Million Nigerians Visit Facebook on Monthly Basis

Justin Anumiri



Facebook which is one of the leading social media has released a report in which it announced that 16 million people in Nigeria visit the site on monthly basis. According to the report, 100% of the Nigerian Facebook visitors access the site using a mobile device.

Every 4th of February is the Friends Day and the report was released to mark this day. In the report, the company mentioned that the number of people from across the globe that visit the site on yearly basis since five years ago has more than double. It also observed that the number of visitors to the site from Nigeria has kept increasing.

The Vice of Facebook, EMEA  of Facebook, Nicola Mendelsohn who spoke about the Friends Day assured Nigerians of better times ahead. According to him, Facebook has only given Nigerians 1% of what it has in stock for the country. As he mentioned, the company is inspired to do more for Nigeria, which he described as mobile first country.

Facebook’s Head of Africa, Nunu Ntshibgila said that the company was committed to Nigeria. Facebook according to him has deepened its relationship with Nigerian businesses. Nunu said that they have shared ideas with businesses and agents partnering with them on how to give customized marketing on the people’s mobile phone which he described as ‘where people are.’ Facebook ensures that Nigerians, its inhabitants businesses and agencies will recognize opportunity made available by mobile and technology.

As revealed by Nunu, Facebok is the dominant social media platform that people frequently use in Nigeria. He mentioned that about 77% of Nigerians discover new products and services through Facebook. He described Nigerians as a sophisticated mobile users. The sophistication according to him is increasing ahead of businesses.

One of the reasons why they visited Nigeria according to Nuhu was to ensure that businesses are able to create mobile-first solutions to enable them grow their businesses.

Women leaders are hosted to a dinner during which these two men lecture on entrepreneurism and technology.